Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm Back Bitches!!!

What was I thinking trying to maintain a blog right away once I moved to New York City, one of the most monumental periods of my life, blazing my post-college path?? Man was I busy and totally distracted in the Fall. I guess in the past when I've tried writing my thoughts (like back in the day on LiveJournal) I got into this rut of only writing about my day or what's up with me lately and it turned out wicked boring. I also got the overwhelming feeling that maintaining a blog was a big commitment rather than a pleasure, what with the pressure of responding to peoples comments and making friends in the blogosphere and keeping up with posts all the time. So go easy on me. I'll give this another shot. I feel like picking this back up at the moment at least, and writing in it when I please. It may not be every day or consistently, but whenever I have a thought or story to jot down. Isn't that what blogs are for?

Anyway, to catch you up to speed, I'm not going to go into the nitty gritty, but as you can imagine, A LOT has changed. As soon as Chris and I moved here I grabbed a retail job while I did a bunch of interviews, maybe 5-10? over the course of two months before finally landing a real job. Which isn't so bad, right? Two months? Kind of what I expected. Chris was able to start a job right away.. he's already on his second now. We sublet a tiny apartment for the first six months before moving into our current apartment for the next two years, which is much more comfortable. It may have taken half a year of *dealing with it* but we finally feel secure and content with our living situation and job status (although I feel wicked poor, something I expected when moving here, but really didn't want to happen). It takes patience to get what you want, but it's possible. I feel proud of myself for leaping into a totally new way of life and just making it happen. I got the position I wanted to get for an entry-level position. Though now entering my seventh month in this job (wow!) it makes me wonder, what's next? I'm so used to moving all the time to new dorms or apartments and living out of bags and maintaining short-lived jobs and internships throughout college, that it makes me sort of antsy to actually be ... settled for longer than several months.

This city is truly a wonderful city. It's never boring. It's full of freaks. For the first four or five months when Chris and I would go walking through the neighborhood, I'd sigh and say "can you believe we're REALLY living here??" -It's hard to explain. Obviously the wonderment has worn off by now but I still do have my moments.. like when Chris and I are having drinks with friends downtown or whatever.. I'll have a moment where I think to myself, is this for reals my life now? That.. we were able to make the transition and totally start fresh and be successful in one of the most intimidating cities ever? *slaps self* Yes Sara, it's true.

Ok that's good for now. I'll write again in another 9 months. I KID I KID. kbye.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm movin' on up, to the east side..

So it's the night before moving day, and I should be getting to bed now but felt the need to make a quick post. I feel like I did the night before going off to college or something- excited yet so uncertain of what's to come! It's ridiculous that I've decided to move to a city that I've only been to like 3 times, for a collective 3 or 4 days. I'm really taking a leap on this one but that's whats so cool about it- I can no longer live in a place I'm used to and comfortable in, and its a great time for a challenge. This is going to be my first big move and fresh start after college, since I lived in Burlington over the summer (my college town) and was getting bored of it so I knew I was making the right decision by moving elsewhere and not staying put. Anyway, tomorrow is going to be a long day of driving and bringing bags and boxes up 4 flights of stairs and unpacking, etc etc, so I'm off to bed. But tomorrow I will truly be "Sara In The City"!

This will be me tomorrow:

... screaming "VIVA LA 90th STREET"

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Getting ready to move.. and then I'll officially become Sara In The City!


My mom and sister have pointed out I’ve already been neglecting my blogging duties. Its tough to get into this but I’m trying, I swear.

For two weeks I was just at my boyfriend Chris’s in MA working on our NYC apartment hunt. We went and visited a studio apartment on the Upper East Side, and although we didn’t originally want a studio (because we wouldn’t be able to have our space, which simply helps maintain a healthy relationship), we decided to take it anyway because we’re getting desperate for an apartment, and everything else about it is good. It’s on 90th street, on the fourth floor, it’s a 6 month sublet, for a decent price that I didn’t want to pass up again (after another apartment for the same great price slipped through our fingers a little while back.) It’s been a much bigger deal compared to renting apartments in the past in Burlington. Renting in NYC requires filling out applications, paying an application fee, providing financial info, and doing an interview. Today I found out we don’t have to do an interview anymore and we've been approved- the apartment is ours, and I’m so excited! I'm glad the apartment search is finally over. It's taken a long time. And it looks like I’ll be moving there within a week, maybe this weekend. And I've got two interiews lined up once I get there. I'm really happy to be moving in with Chris! This is gonna be one big good change.

Here's a little something I made with Microsoft Paint early on it our relationship. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Random Memory

Tonight Mom and I were walking the dog in town when we stopped to look at fancy wooden advent calendars through a window. It reminded me of this one time before winter break senior year when I was really drunk one night and Amanda and Hunter and I were back in his house late that night after partying and Hunter had this advent calendar that he wasn't going to eat so Amanda and I eat ate a couple, which led to Amanda and Hunter both shoving the chocolates into my mouth as I was laughing uncontrollably, thus keeping my mouth open, and my mouth was so full of chocolates it was disgusting.

I ended up eating the whole damn advent calendar that night, and then for the rest of the year, the shredded calendar was tacked to Hunter’s wall. Man college was so cool - there really were no limits.

Friday, August 31, 2007

First post "y'all" !!

Hi everyone,

I decided to try blogging to not let my writing get rusty as I put career on hold for a month and prepare to move to New York City with my boyfriend Chris. We aim to be there by early-mid October, hence the name Sara in the City. So far we've been researching, getting advice, acquiring some connections, and we went to check out a place in the Upper East Side a few weeks ago but it fell through and we didn't get it. We're planning to go back again soon once people start posting more awesome sublets on Craigs List and we set up some appointments! We're going to make it happen for sure.

As of right now I'm visiting my sister Lindsey in Richmond, VA, to check out the area and try on some bridesmaid dresses because she's getting married next June.

Here we are in the car. Lindsey's jeep doesn't have air conditioning so we roll down all the windows. This is how they do shit in the dirty $outh.

We went to five bridal shops today. FIVE. I tried on so many dresses my index finger was getting red and sore from struggling to zip up zippers. This bridezilla put me to work.

I come in all different flavors.

Mmmm. Oh yeth, oh yeth.

We also went to Short Pump Mall. It was large and sprawling. Here I am pumping the short pump. Man there are so many exciting things to do in Richmond.

The cashier at Starbucks was amazed at how krispy my dollaz were. That pretty much made my day.

Have you heard Britney's new single "Gimme More"? I like the remix with TI better. You can hear that on I love reading Perez, he's always got the latest celeb news before everyone else.

Here's Lindsey eating her poodle Zoey, aka Zanzalina Zolie. She's a lot of fun and reminds me of a lamb, as well as our old poodle Amanda. RIP Boos Boos.

Well that's it for now, this was my first shot at blogging. Hopefully it was as fun to read as it was fun to make. Check back again soon because this is only the beginning!!